*WEEK 16

Pampanga trip with King's family |   The new summer berry frappe |               Pixi glow mist

I ran 2miles in 30 mins |             Healthy food                   | my running space

*WEEK 17
3miles in 1 hour |            My April Favorites |       Running during the MAYPAC fight

My eyecreams |            Big Better Burgers |     NIVEA BIG SALE

Wedding Event | Mothers Day

My life lately has been the usual everyday life, I've gotten kinda bored actually and hate/love that I work full time in the office and can't focus on my blogging that much. But anyhoo, I love the fact that I did an event again after a few months of total hiatus, it was fun and I enjoyed being able to do one of my greatest passion which is doing events. I've got loads of blog that I needed to do, but so little time... poor me.

Pixi Glow Mist Review

So, let's get over the may-pac fight and let's talk about something more interesting stuff like this new PIXI Glow mist that has landed the Philippine's beauty cult. I've been seeing this everywhere and I've been wanting to get my hands on the PIXI GLOW TONIC but sadly we don't have that here yet. But good thing, they are pretty much starting to bring everything in here so hopefully soon I'll get my hands on everyone's favorite tonic.
But anyhoo, I've heard a lot of good things about this mist by many beauty bloggers and youtubers so  I decided to get my hands on it as soon as the Glamourbox Philippines announced that they are selling this. I got mine from Trinoma Landmark for Php950, if you're going to get this online you may have to pay extra for the shipping fee. They also have the makeup fix mist that comes in a pink liquid type, I'm guessing it has rose in it and good for oily skin.

 PACKAGING: It's very gorgeous and simple at the same time. It has an expensive feel to it probably because of the gold sparkly labeling going on in there. The bottle itself is plastic so you don't have to worry about dropping it or carrying it all the time with you. Very travel friendly too for being 80ml liguid.
The automizer was really good! Probably the best nozzle spray that I have ever tried! it spritz on my face very evenly and doesn't leave any droplets at all. It was very fine and just pure perfection.

Monthly Favorites: APRIL 2015!

Hello guys, happy end of APRIL! my birthday month just flew by and now we are starting yet another month.. and I am here sharing with you again my April 2015 Favorites! So let's begin.


Ofcourse, we always start with the beauty favorites.. 

*Lasertox CC Cream - again, this one is a no brainer.. I feel like I've raved about this over and over again but I just couldn't help myself. I just love how this evens out my skin and how light it is.. ugh, just perfect!
*Mirenesse Fiber Lash - I've always wanted to review this product but I just couldn't get around into doing it. But this one really does magic into lengthening my lashes.
*Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - and though this one came a little bit late near the end of April, I just love it so much that I stopped using any other concealers that I have. I'll have a review about this one soon.
*Wet n' wild (mauve outta here) matte lipstick - Oh yes! an old love.. I fell back inlove with this lipstick because it has the perfect shade of pink with a bit of mauvey feel to it. Just a perfect shade for this summer time!
*Dr. Jart V7 Beauty Balm - this one I got as a sample from Luxola.. but this definitely is a miraculous product that instantly smoothens out my skin like no other.. I sometimes just use this as it is and skip the foundation. I might actually but the fullsize of this.
*Dr. Jart BB Dis-a-pore - But when my face needs a little bit of coverage, I go for this one. Yup another sample size but it was so great! A little goes a long way and the coverage is fantastic.
*Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm - I don't know why but for some reason my lips are extra dry these days. Probably because of too much air conditioning or its just summer I don't know.. But it feels dry and crack, thanfully I have this baby to save my lips from peeling off like cray! I just put this on at night and when I wake up my lips are incredibly smooth all over again.

*Mac Strobe Cream - one of my latest obsession. The strobe cream! We all love that JLO glow this summer and this gives me a healthy one that doesn't look greasy at all but rather flawlesss and just ahh dreamy! I love this. You can check out my review of this here.

#INSTAWEEK BY TRINA (WEEK 12,13,14 and 15)

*WEEK 12

New Vanity Area         |        Love my planner            | my summer candle

Sun block      |    Love this custard ice cream

*WEEK 13

my love king | Le Charme Klarity Set | #selfie

makeup faves | macass new ice cream | mac toledo

*WEEK 14

mac strobe cream | the most raved about concealer | fave snack on the go

aranaztu shop | fave ever the mextex | face roller

collagen powder | alpha h skincare | hashtag no selfie

*WEEK 15

the power duo | Kaishi run | vegan spring rolls

fitness first with grace | gym clothes | swatches

flatlay summer essentials

I have been very bad with updating my instaweek but I am still trying to do my best whenever I have a time. So yeah, basically my weeks have always been about new products or me trying to lose weight and be healthy. I absolutely been enjoying a lot of things these past few weeks and I hope you guys had an awesome weeks as well and see you on my next post.

KLARITY Le Charme Gift Set (Unboxing Post)

 As you all may know KLARITY has been a favorite of mine eversince I tried it from Luxola. I told myself I would get the fullsize of this one, once I'm done with the sample size. And luckily enough, I saw this Le Charme Klarity Set (Php953.50) on sale at Luxola so I decided to grab it.

 So this set comes in a really cute dainty pouch like this. I honestly, decided to get this partly because of this cute pouch! which I think would be really useful as my new makeup pouch because it's travel friendly and not bulky plus it's right up my alley because it's PINK, duh.
Inside you can see the products.. and I like that it's very spacious. 
This set has their best sellers inside; Klarity and the VLine Slim up mask.
I was so excited that they have already included the Lasertox mask and the klarity cc cream on such a steal price. Because if you buy them separately it would have cost me Php1,675. Because the klarity cc cream itself costs Php1,282.50. So I definitely saved a lot! No wonder this was always sold out.
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