KLARITY Le Charme Gift Set (Unboxing Post)

 As you all may know KLARITY has been a favorite of mine eversince I tried it from Luxola. I told myself I would get the fullsize of this one, once I'm done with the sample size. And luckily enough, I saw this Le Charme Klarity Set (Php953.50) on sale at Luxola so I decided to grab it.

 So this set comes in a really cute dainty pouch like this. I honestly, decided to get this partly because of this cute pouch! which I think would be really useful as my new makeup pouch because it's travel friendly and not bulky plus it's right up my alley because it's PINK, duh.
Inside you can see the products.. and I like that it's very spacious. 
This set has their best sellers inside; Klarity and the VLine Slim up mask.
I was so excited that they have already included the Lasertox mask and the klarity cc cream on such a steal price. Because if you buy them separately it would have cost me Php1,675. Because the klarity cc cream itself costs Php1,282.50. So I definitely saved a lot! No wonder this was always sold out.

Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper Review (A brow game changer?)

This right here is a definite brow changer! Yep, you heard that right.. as you all may know there is a saying that you can forget to wear your bras or undies but not your brows undone. NIGHTMARE!! I totally probably just made that all up but you get my point. So anyways, I got this from Robinsons Department Store for Php399. I honestly thought, well.. that's kind of expensive for a brow product since I don't normally splurge on my brows because they don't look very problematic although at times I feel like they have a mind of its own and not cooperating. 
So.. I've been eyeing on the Anastasia Brow Wiz because it has tons of rave from the beauty gurus but I can't really justify the price of it! Good thing, I saw this new duo shaper from maybelline and decided to go for it! They also have the one with a spoolie on the other side which is a bit cheaper than this, but I just opt for this one because it came with a powder already.
I went for the lightest shade, the light brown.. I think they have 3 shades but since I dyed my hair I needed a shade that would go perfectly with it. I like the color of this springy sponge powder because it's very pigmented yet easy to work with.
What really caught my attention was this skinny pencil that comes with it. Kind of reminds me of the brow wiz.. the skinny ones are so in trend nowadays because it gives you the perfect control of how you wanted your brows to shape or look like. 

Mac Strobe Cream Review

 Hey ladies how ya doin? today I'm gunna be reviewing one of my latest obsession for this summer.. it's the Strobe Cream from Mac. I've been wanting to try this product for a very long time as I have heard really good reviews about this one but this was always sold out in every mac stores. Good thing, there's always an online shop. So anyways, this strobe cream is actually being advertised as a skincare from Mac.. so basically according to mac this cream is..
  1. "The ultimate quick fix for the skin. Super-powered with potent botanicals; de-snoozes, de-stresses, moistens, freshens and boosts the look of dull, flat or tired-looking skin with a fully loaded vitamin zap and a mega dose of green tea. Brightens and clarifies with iridescent particles and antioxidants."
 and whilst it was actually being introduced as a skincare, most of the people do actually prefer to use this as a makeup base because of the glowy and dewiness it gives to your skin. What I like about this is the fact that it is very versatile, you can use it under or on top of your makeup or just use it as it is. 

 The texture and formulation comes very white with a pinkish pearlescent to it, it's not glittery but just a really gorgeous shimmers that blends beautifully on your skin making it look brighter and glowy. The scent is a little bit weird but it goes away very quickly as soon as you put this on your face.
 It's very blendable and depending on your preference, you can go as sheer as possible or heavy without looking like a greaseball.
 as you can see from the photo above, it brightens up the side of my hand and blended beautifully into my skin.. and that's exactly what it does to your face when you use it as a base. 

In these photos, as you can see my face looks really glowy. It helps keep my face brighter and more awake as if I've had a good night sleep or drank way too many collagen powders. lol Srsly, I just love this stuff! I use this whenever I feel like not wearing any makeup or when I just want a very sheer makeup look.. I just use this everyday and I wanna keep repurchasing this because this is so so good. It didn't break me out or anything. I would definitely recommend this product especially for this summer because who doesn't want that JLO glow this summer? Not me.

Limited Edition: MAC TOLEDO in Victoriana (Lipstick Review)

So, as some of you may know I just recently celebrated my 25th birthday last April 2, and my officemates secretly surprised me with a limited edition lipstick from Mac, and it's called Victoriana. Wow they know me too well because they opted to buy me a red one. Haha I was super happy about it as this would be my very first limited edition lipstick from Mac. Yay! Thank you friends.. <3 

Although I've been eyeing for the Oxblood shade from this line and the Mac's Julia Petit Acai Lipstick both are sold out very easily. Sad!
 But anyhow, this lipstick is a matte one which I like.

 PACKAGING: Packaging wise, I like that it comes in a white tube because this would really stand out in my vanity area. The packaging of the lipstick itself has a very sleek feel to it, kind of rubbery and not plastic-y type of thing.. if you know what I mean.

MonthlyFavorites: March 2015!

What's up guys! I know I haven't been able to blog a lot for this march because my life was kind of busy and the boyfriend just arrived, and then we moved to a different house.. so my life outside blog kept me away from blogging.  But ofcourse, no matter how busy I get, I wouldn't forget to share with you the things I've been loving for the whole month of March! 

*Etude House Stay-up Foundation - this is the only foundation I've been slapping my face with.. I love this because of it's nice and buildable coverage.. You can check out my review here.
*Klarity CC Cream - ohmygosh yes I did it! I bought the fullsize because I really really love this one.. it's my holygrail CC Cream and I can srsly say that I cannot live without this anymore. I'll have an unboxing review about this because I bought this as a set at Luxola.com
*Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick - I love me some red lippies and when I needed one, this is the lipstick I've been going for especially every monday. lol
*Laqa and Co Beez Lebub - I loooove this little pink lipsrtick! I think it's the perfect Pink lipstick for the spring and summer. I wear this a lot and I get compliments everytime.

*L'oreal Mat Magique - I am already hitting pan on this one.. I honestly, haven't used any other face powders eversince I got this. I love the coverage and I also did a review about this one.

*Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes - Why did it took me this long to get this?? honestly, probably the perfect brushes ever! my favorite is the buffing brush for my foundation. Really soft brushes, light, and comes with a case so this is perf!

*Etude House Skin Malgem Cotton Pads - I have been on a hunt for the perfect cotton pads that are thin and soft.. finally I have recently discovered this cotton from etude house and I loved it! You can also use this if you plan on having a DIY facemask with essence of your choice because you can tear them apart and put them on every part of your face.

 I have been trying to lose weight recently especially now that I just turned 25..  and this LEAN SHAKE has been helpful. We got this from GNC together with my pink shaker. Kind of expensive but worth it. (Thankfully, we have a Gold membership card so we got a discount). I would drink this 30 minutes before I go for running or to the gym. This gave me energy that I need and help me sweat a lot.. I can't say enough about this as I haven't seen great result as of yet but it claims to burn calories 3x more so that's saying a lot. I would definitely keep you guys updated about this! So yeah.. these are all the things I've been loving lately.. may we all have a wonderful month of April. :)

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