DUPE ALERT: Divine Wine Maybelline Lipstick Dupe?

 Hi loves! So today I can finally share with you the latest dupe I found! I love dupe videos and blogs especially when it comes to makeup. I kinda like wanna see how I can get the same exact result without splurging too much.. So yeah.. I know a lot of you are like looking for this DIVINE WINE maybelline matte lipstick which I blogged about. I heard so much raved about this! But it's kinda hard to get a hold of this even in the US because this lipstick is always sold out! Whilst, here in the Philippines, unfortunately we don't have the line here yet or never will be.. so I figured I would share with you the dupe I found for this. The best thing?? It's very cheap and always available!
I am talking about this NICHIDO MATTE LIPSTICK in Temptation (Php188). I also did a blog post about this here.

Right from this photo you can already tell that this is going to be a super similar color.. Oh welps, I love dark red shades can you tell?
The divine wine is just a little bit darker and matte.

Monthly Favorites: February 2015!

It's that time of the Month again! Another month, another set of favorites.. although I wouldn't be talking too much favorites lately as I kinda didn't use a lot of products and I didn't really want to talk about things that I didn't really like. So yeah, let start..


 This February, I kinda went for a really girly theme on my planner. I basically just use pastel colors and full of hearts. Because duh it's the love month. So there is no surprise that I have used this Kikki.k sticky notes for the whole month of February! I was just so obsessed with it..
I mainly used these three page flags for my planner.. I'll have a post all about my planner soon just to give you guys an idea on how I decorate my Kate Spade planner.

Next would be this Daphne Note pad that comes with a clip board (Php199). This goes super handy especially at work when I needed to just right things down so I won't forget it. I would even use this when I have a client to meet and I have to right some things.. I just love this so much!
I just think that the print is just super adorable that when I first got it I was like all over the moon inlove with the print plus it's super affordable! I am thinking of buying other stuff from this line.


Y'all know my obsession with masks, but this February I've been really liking the Leaders Insolution mask, I just think they are amazing and affordable.
 The mask itself is very soft and very gentle, I just adore this mask so much! I'll have an in depth review about these on my blog very very soon.. I have like all sorts of their mask and you can get them very cheaply at Luxola and use my code "BLX-TRINA" at checkout for 15% off.


On makeup categories I just have a few things as well.. I've been loving the mirenesse fiber mascara, mybelline brow duo (I'll have a review about this soon), ofcourse my current fave lipstick the Touch of Spice from maybelline.. I've been wearing this a lot eversince I got it! Also, I kinda cheated on this one, the Sleek contour kit which I am totally obsessed with, this was in my January fave and I have included this again in my February faves so whatever! I just really love this and I have not used any blush, luminizer, or bronzer on my face other then this one.
So that's about it guys!! I hope that you had a wonderful February and I hope this March is gunna be as good or even better than February! Lots of things are coming this march as I am also planning to start a Youtube channel so I could start filming myself and talk to you guys more.. I don't know, we'll see! :)

DIY: Nail Polish Rack

Hi loves! I just wanted to share with you this little project that I did yesterday.. I was so annoyed by the fact that I just couldn't change my nail color from time to time because my nail polishes are hidden or kept in a storage. So yeah.. I kinda wanted to have a simple rack where I could see some of my fave nail polishes (how many times can I say nail polishes??lol) so I would be so inclined or inspired to do my nails. 

So anyways, let's get started!
So what you gunna need are: Foam board, Glue gun, Cutter/Scissor, Double sided tape, and a wrapping paper of your choice.

My Pamper Routine (Updated)

 Hey it's Sunday and I kinda wanted to talk about relaxing.. I haven't posted anything Pamper Related lately so I thought I should share my recent pamper routine with you guys! This was actually last Sunday and I just kinda wanted to share with you what I did to ease my mind from stress.

Recently, I've been narrowing down my toiletries, just the main few pieces that I actually really need. Like in this case I just have a candle from Bath and body works (market peach) this smells heavenly! my current facial wash the Tea Tree from The Body Shop, and the newest Pantene Conditioner which I did a blog post about here.
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